October: Wishing I had Octo-Arms

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Hello there. This post is late. Super sorry.

The title is a joke. I love being 2-armed. 😉

But really, being busy drives people to want more.

More arms on the body, more hours in a day, more sugar in coffees, more money in the wallet, more food in the fridge. More, more, more.

And I definitely wanted those things last October.  Here are the reasons:

Journalism Projects *October 1-9

The fact that I am a third year student suddenly creeps up on me when I battle against my projects (and yes, I have to kill deadlines too). Students and instructors alike had warned college kids about this year. Third year is ‘Tired Year’. Plus, I was in the most deadline-stricken degree program: Communication Arts.

Imagine writing a controversial story while doing other assignments. Not just that, I had to write features and news. Then, we had to make…

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October: Wishing I had Octo-Arms

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