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There is so much pain
To take into consideration
If I run mile after mile after mile
For a being so tangible, yet fleeting.
I should know that, becuse
I can feel my very legs turn into jelly
After chasing mile after mile after mile
A person who had left me
Alone, with a pair of legs ready
To run the course of the whole earth
Just to no be left alone.

There is so much sadness
A runner has to feel
When all that’s left to touch
Is the crumbling pavement
To run on
And the absences of
A beutiful thing
To chase for.

There are so many things
I know I should say
To the very pair of limb, of skin, of muscle
I have as legs.
I should tell her
To stop running now.
Stop and listen to the quiet
Of the cemetery you had run behind

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October: Wishing I had Octo-Arms

EM's Web Journal

Hello there. This post is late. Super sorry.

The title is a joke. I love being 2-armed. 😉

But really, being busy drives people to want more.

More arms on the body, more hours in a day, more sugar in coffees, more money in the wallet, more food in the fridge. More, more, more.

And I definitely wanted those things last October.  Here are the reasons:

Journalism Projects *October 1-9

The fact that I am a third year student suddenly creeps up on me when I battle against my projects (and yes, I have to kill deadlines too). Students and instructors alike had warned college kids about this year. Third year is ‘Tired Year’. Plus, I was in the most deadline-stricken degree program: Communication Arts.

Imagine writing a controversial story while doing other assignments. Not just that, I had to write features and news. Then, we had to make…

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October: Wishing I had Octo-Arms

Bloggys 2015: Gala Night

EM's Web Journal


Bloggers from all over the archipelago will once again converge in #bloggys2015 Gala Night. This is the most-awaited awards night for this year’s #bloggys2015 (Philippine Blogging Awards).

Featuring bloggers from assorted niches with unique audiences; this event will serve as a major celebration for all dedicated Filipino bloggers who continue to give readers from all over the web universe relevant content.

This event will be held on November 21, 2015 in SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Taguig.

Interested? Head on immediately to bloggys.ph to reserve tickets. Slots are limited so you better blast off that keyboard or other bloggers will get ahead of you.

And vote for me too  Thank you in advance! I can’t wait to see you 😉

NOTE: For Filipino bloggers only. Foreigners, Martians, Plutonians (and other celestial beings) are not allowed to join sine you have your own gala night too.

God bless.

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Bloggys 2015: Gala Night